Fitting_instructions_Attika_Outlets.pdf SitaAttika Outlets 548.75 K
Fitting_instruction_balcony_outlet.pdf Sita balcony outlets 387.52 K
Fitting_instruction_SitaDrain.pdf SitaDrain® 669.36 K
Fitting_instruction_Firesafe.pdf SitaFiresafe® 555.51 K
Fitting_instruction_Roof_Ventilators.pdf Sita roof ventilators 318.71 K
Fitting_instrucutions_for_roof_and_renovation_outlets.pdf Sita roof and renovation outlets 3146.66 K
SITA_gravity_roof_drainage.pdf Gravity roof drainage 4071.72 K
SITA_siphonic_drainage.pdf Siphonic Drainage 3798.59 K
SITA_productoverview.pdf Productoverview 8257.65 K
TUEV_certification.pdf TÜV certification 297.82 K
LGA_test_report_2014.pdf LGA 2014 Test report 1096.01 K
RAL-GZ-694_Sita_0213.pdf RAL Certificate (german) 38.13 K
LGA_Certificate_2014.pdf Inspection according to DIN EN 1253 2973.95 K
Drainage_performance_parapet_drains_1112.pdf Drainage performance - SitaAttika 51.47 K
Drainage_performance_balcony_drains_1112.pdf Drainage performance Sita balcony outlets 52.76 K
Drainage_performance_roof_drains_1112.pdf Drainage performance Open Channel Drainage 116.85 K
Drainage_performance_DSS_1112.pdf Drainage performance Sita siphonic outlets 119.96 K
Drainage_performance_according_DIN_1253_1112.pdf Drainage performance 206.43 K
Drainage_performance_Turbo_1112.pdf Drainage performance SitaTurbo 50.65 K
SitaEasy_for_the_balcony_drainage_01.pdf SitaEasy installation example A 107 K
SitaSpy_for_emergency_drainage.pdf SitaSpy installation example A 74.13 K
SitaMini_for_line_drainage.pdf SitaMini installation example A 118.91 K
SitaMini_angled_for_walkable_areas.pdf SitaMini installation example B 90.87 K
SitaDrain_box_drain_in_front_of_a_door_element.pdf SitaDrain box drain installation example A 103.63 K
SitaDrain_box_drain_wall_connection_detail.pdf SitaDrain box drain installation example B 46.92 K
Sita_green_roof_shaft_with_SitaMulti_in_an_inverted_roof.pdf green roof shaft installation example A 113.31 K
SitaStandard_in_a_green_roof.pdf green roof shaft installation example B 98.32 K
SitaVent_pipe_system_with_protective_grating.pdf SitaVent pipe system installation example A 64.24 K
SitaVent_pipe_system_with_pipe_fairlead.pdf SitaVent pipe system installation example B 72.29 K
SitaVent_pipe_system_for_cold_roofs.pdf SitaVent pipe system installation example C 60.19 K
SitaMini_for_walkable_areas.pdf SitaMini installation example C 110.9 K
SitaMulti_for_passable_areas.pdf SitaMulti fixed and passabel 99.05 K
SitaMulti_with_ground_plate_and_retaining_element.pdf SitaMulti with ground plate and retaining 124.86 K
SitaMulti_in_an_inverted_roof.pdf Sita Multi in an inverted roof 91.03 K
SitaMulti_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaMulti in a warm roof 110.49 K
SitaStandard_Firesafe_for_emergency_drainage.pdf SitaStandard Firesafe for emergeny drainage 99.28 K
SitaStandard_Firesafe_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaStandard Firesafe in a warm roof 87.41 K
SitaStandard_angled_in_a_cold_roof.pdf SitaStandard angled in a cold roof 69.25 K
SitaStandard_for_emergency_drainage.pdf SitaStandard for emergency drainage 87.47 K
SitaStandard_for_passable_roofs.pdf SitaStandard for passable roofs 78.02 K
SitaStandard_in_a_green_roof_01.pdf Sita Standard in a green roof 98.32 K
SitaStandard_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaStandard in a warm roof 75.35 K
SitaStandard_with_SitaAttika_pipe.pdf SitaStandard with SitaAttika pipe 114.12 K
SitaTrendy_angled_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaTrendy angled in a warm roof 105.76 K
SitaTrendy_f._walkable_areas.pdf Sita Trendy for walkable areas 66.06 K
SitaTrendy_in_an_intensive_greening_roof.pdf SitaTrendy in an intensive greening roof 309.61 K
SitaTrendy_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaTrendy in a warm roof 82.93 K
SitaTurbo_in_an_inverted_roof.pdf SitaTurbo in an inverted roof 334.53 K
SitaFiresafe_with_SitaDSS_Profi.pdf SitaFiresafe with SitaDSS Profi 100.86 K
SitaDSS_Profi_for_emergency_drainage.pdf SitaDSS Profi for emergency drainage 163.81 K
SitaDSS_Profi_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaDSS Profi in a warm roof 159.75 K
SitaDSS_Multi_for_emergency_drainage.pdf SitaDSS Multi fpr emergency drainage 125.11 K
SitaDSS_Multi_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaDSS Multi in a warm roof 115.41 K
SitaDSS_Multi_in_a_green_roof.pdf SitaDSS multi in a green roof 131.44 K
SitaDSS_Multi_in_trapezoidal_steel_and_warm_roof.pdf SitaDSS Multi in trapezoidal steel and warm roof 119.11 K
SitaDSS_Multi_in_an_internal_gutter.pdf SitaDSS Multi in an internal gutter 121.46 K
SitaCompact_angled_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaCompact angled in a warm roof 86.33 K
SitaCompact_for_walkblel_roof_surfaces_01.pdf SitaCompact for walkble roof surfaces 60.28 K
SitaCompact_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaCompact in a warm roof 79.49 K
SitaTurbo_with_SitaAttika_pipe.pdf SitaTurbo with SitaAttika pipe system 125.78 K
SitaSani_Spezial_renovation_up_in_the_downpipe.pdf SitaSani® 90 Spezial for renovating as far as down into the down-pipes DN100 112.47 K
SitaStandard_for_emergency_drainage_01.pdf SitaStandard 87.47 K
SitaTrendy_angled_in_a_warm_roof_01.pdf SitaTrendy angled 105.76 K
SitaRondo_in_a_warm_roof.pdf SitaRondo in a warm roof 69.21 K
SitaTurbo_for_emergency_drainage_in_an_inverted_roof.pdf SitaTurbo installation example emergency drainage 86.89 K
SitaTurbo_for_emergency_drainage_in_an_inverted_roof_01.pdf SitaTurbo fpr emergency drainage in an inverted roof 86.89 K
Price_Adjustments_effective_1st_April_2014.pdf Price Adjustments effective 1st April 2014 179.19 K
Pricelist2013_en.pdf Pricelist 2013 3098.86 K