Flat-roof renovation

Products For renovation of existing pipes Custom foamed-in connecting sleeve Loose-type-/ fixed-flange design Long connecting pipe Extremely flat design
SitaSani<sup>®</sup> for pot refurbishment
SitaSani® for pot refurbishment
SitaRenovation Vent
SitaRenovation Vent
SitaSani<sup>®</sup> 160 DSS
SitaSani® 160 DSS
SitaSani<sup>®</sup> for pipe refurbishment
SitaSani® for pipe refurbishment

Solutions for flat-roof renovation

It’s all a matter of system. Even the renovation of flat roofs. And thanks to the SitaSani®-series, it can be turned into a rewarding matter.

Until recently, connecting new roof seals with existing drainage- or ventilation-systems had been considered difficult. Now SitaSani® products are able to establish a seamless water- or air-bearing unit from the new sealing sheeting to the old drain or vent with sealing rings that cater to your renovation requirements.