SitaRenovation Vent

SitaRenovation Vent
SitaRenovation Vent
It has always been a great challenge for experts to renovate old vents. Spare parts are often times out of stock and dismounting the entire vent is unrealistic.

Now with the Sita system vents comes a kit of precisely coordinated parts to assist the installation for the purpose of room-, extruded-, or cold-roof-ventilation in single- or double-shelled roofs.

The Sita renovation vent is simply inserted into the cut-off pipe of the old vent. A multi-vane sealing ring ensures a reliable and ceaseless connecting from the old pipe to the new vent.

Application Range

Used for extruded- and room-ventilation of flat roofs and flat sloping pitched roofs






external diameter
Backwater proof Order Number
6368 - 86ø 63ø 340ø 227ø 1101730xx
7582 - 103ø 75ø 340ø 227ø 1101731xx
90100 - 109ø 90ø 340ø 227ø 1101732xx
110115 - 130ø 110ø 340ø 227ø 1101733xx
125140 - 168ø 125ø 376ø 278ø 1601734xx
160178 - 205ø 160ø 376ø 278ø 1601735xx



1049.52 K