Planning / Calculations

Prevent turbulences!

The increase of weather events, which are accompanied by strong to extreme rainfalls must be regarded as a matter of fact. In order to avoid great damages, planners of flat roof constructions and roofers should take such weather conditions into consideration.

Never again without emergency drainage!

The current DIN-standards assume that the rain drainage facilities are seen as an entity, i. e. from the roof outlet via the piping up to the public channel. Apart from the local calculations of the rainfall measured, builders now find that also the emergency drainage is being regulated.

Make sure - Use our PC-based calculations

Use our free of charge service for the calculation of conventional flat roof drainage. With our special computer grogram we support architects, planners, specialized traders and roofers when planning and executing according to the DIN. Just return our form and we will do the calculation immediately and send it directly back to you.