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SitaKaskade lead-through

The safe way to lead pipes through the parapet.

  • To lead the pipe safely through the parapet
  • Compatible with the SitaPipe Edelstahl pipe system
  • Integrated socket for easy and reliable connection
  • With adhesive flange for liquid applied waterproofing

With the SitaKaskade lead-through, passing pipes through the parapet is much easier and safer. The adhesive flange for liquid applied waterproofing supports all methods to create a safe parapet lead-through. Folded near the edge, the product allows the pipe to be laid directly on the waterproof membrane to provide standards-compliant cascade drainage above the waterproofing layer.

Areas of application

For main and emergency drainage as standard-conformant cascade drainage


  • Not sensitive to the weather (UV/IR radiation, rain/snow, temperature, ozone, etc.)
  • Impact and shock resistant
  • Durable