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SitaKaskade Flat

Flat. High performance. Systematic.

  • For safe cascade drainage below the slab paving
  • Compatible with the SitaPipe Edelstahl pipe system
  • Integrated coupler for easy and reliable connection of the downpipe
  • With adhesive flange for liquid applied waterproofing
  • As waterspout or in combination with the SitaTurbo adapters

SitaKaskade Flat is the next stage of development of the SitaKaskade Inside. Cascade drainage with high compressive and tensile strength can now be integrated in the system above the waterproof membrane. Standards-compliant cascade drainage remains possible below the slab paving, thanks to a height of just 40 mm, a vertical downpipe holder and a horizontal parapet lead-through.

Areas of application

For main and emergency drainage as standard-conformant cascade drainage


  • Not sensitive to the weather (UV/IR radiation, rain/snow, temperature, ozone, etc.)
  • Impact and shock resistant
  • Durable