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SitaAttika Kaskade

Innovative and standard-compliant.

  • Ensure legal safety – SitaAttika Kaskade conforms with standards
  • Planning safety and safe installation through component system
  • Aesthetic solution for challenging architecture – invisible pipe routing
  • Every freedom in the individual design of the terrace flooring structure

Up to now, anyone implementing a cascading drainage system was in a construction law grey area. SitaAttika Kaskade is a standard-compliant component system for rain drainage over multiple layers, which is also visually attractive. SitaAttika Kaskade conforms with standards and delivers legal certainty for the first time. Component system: Quick, safe installation. Aesthetic solution for challenging architecture: Invisible pipe routing, the terrace flooring structure can be individually designed.

Areas of application

For main and emergency drainage as standard-conformant cascade drainage


  • Resistant to normal influences from the environment
  • Knock and impact-resistant
  • Long lifespan
  • Non-combustible